Let New Nampa Tutors design a math program specific to your child’s needs.
Should your child experience weaknesses in:

  • basic math skills
  • pre-algebra
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • calculus or trigonometry

Our tutors are keen at addressing math weaknesses.  Contact us today, let our tutors plan and execute lessons that will help your child be successful in math.

Math Weaknesses Addressed by New Tampa Tutors

New Tampa Tutors offers consumers an opportunity to supplement their children’s learning through tutoring.

  • New Tampa Tutors will provide intensive
  • in-home
  •  one on one
  •  researched based programming to improve your child’s educational concerns

Instruction provided using multisensory approaches by certified teachers or degree professionals, over a period. Professionals will concentrate on adequately improving math to meet grade level expectations; which in turn, allows individuals to possess the skills needed to access the curriculum that is presented in their day-to-day educational setting.

Researched Based Strategies Used to Address Math Weaknesses

Research has shown that one-on-one tutoring is very beneficial for students who are experiencing learning challenges and who lag behind their typically developing peers. Therefore, New Tampa Tutors will provide tutoring in-home or reasonable selected venue (i.e., afterschool care, day care, local library or local school campus) to limit the usual classroom distractions. New Tampa Tutors understands that intensive intervention means providing a consistent; well structured routine; where the curriculum and practices are researched based, to help individuals better develop the skills that are weak. Individuals will be assessed to reveal strengths and uncover weaknesses using a norm-referenced achievement test. Additionally, the use of ongoing progress monitoring to experiment with different instructional strategies tailored to meet individual instructional needs.

Foundational Proficiencies Better Developed

The goal of New Tampa Tutors is to build students’ foundational proficiencies. However, we also recognize certain components of the general curriculum will not benefit all students; therefore, New Tampa Tutors will provide one-on-one tutoring to introduce researched based strategies to aid students in meeting the demands of their current educational curriculum.