New Tampa Tutors, LLC wants to support all children in becoming lifelong learners, responsible decision makers, productive and caring citizens. It is our aim to help students to become foundationally strong in reading, writing, math, oral language, organization and study skills. We believe these strong skills are what lead to having classroom academic success, ultimately leading to learning success. Therefore, New Tampa Tutors assesses, remediate and motivate students to attain academic success. When students are proficient in academic subjects, they develop confidence in handling the daily demands of school. When students feel assured they are meeting the demands of daily school, he or she is more willing to engage in more challenging task outside of school and thus are motivated to enjoy a more productive life.


The goal of New Tampa Tutors is to offer high quality, individualized, in-home tutoring to supplement and support students’ classroom learning. We offer tutoring in the following subjects: reading, writing, oral language, math and organizational/study skills; concentrating on those children whom schools have identified with a specific learning disability and those weak in academic subjects. New Tampa Tutors will assesses (and provide a post assessment) to identify strengths and better develop weaknesses using evidenced-based practices. We provide tutoring services for all students Pre-Kindergarten through High School. We will provide positive, motivating learning experiences while strengthening underdeveloped academic skills necessary for academic learning, thus academic success.