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September 30, 2014
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Response to Intervention is Intensive Instruction

According to current research, students with disabilities are performing in America’s school consistently poorly. High school students are fairing worse than primary school students are. The outlook for these students is dismal.  Data shows that 25% of students with disabilities drop out of school and only 46% of students with learning disabilities (LD) get paid employment once out of school. What is needed to help these students to achieve? Intensive instruction! All students benefit from strategies to access the curriculum, therefore schools have implemented Response to Intervention (RTI), which is varying strategies implemented in frequency, duration and intensity to insure all students learn the curriculum. Below is a breakdown of the tiers:

Click to view Tier 1, instruction and strategies all students receive in mainstream classrooms.

Click to viewTier 2, students struggling are placed in small groups and researched validated interventions instructed. Instruction is driven by specific procedures, duration and frequency of intervention. Assessments are usually based on progress monitoring and testing.

Click to view Tier 3 data is derived after several weeks of interventions implemented during Tier 2. During Tier 3, schools then decide if the interventions worked, if so student returns to Tier 1,  if not student remains in Tier 2 for additional researched validated inventions or are moved to an environment to meet their educational needs such as a more intensive and restrictive environment, which may include exceptional education or a 504 plan is developed.

Unfortunately, some students do not respond to the interventions in Tier 2, and remain indefinitely at Tier 2, or are moved into a more restrictive environment, such as Exceptional Education and student response is still sometimes not achieved.   Schools desire to meet the needs of all children, however, some students benefit from the attention of a personal tutor to help them access the curriculum more efficiently and quicker so as to experience success in class.

New Tampa Tutors, tutors, work diligently to individualize instruction, use researched validated interventions, utilize progress monitoring and assess to make sure strategies used are aiding students to understand subject content.  As a parent once commented, “New Tampa Tutors get more done in an hour than my child gets done in a day.”  We make every effort to make the most of every minute to insure that students are motivated and learning. Let New Tampa Tutors, help your child that is struggling with grade level content get back on track to learning the general curriculum with his or her peers.

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