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August 1, 2014
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Consulting with teachers via tablets is one way students interact with teachers via online learning.On-line Learning

Beginning this month and every other month, New Tampa Tutors’ owner and lead tutor will feature a brief overview of current trends in education as shared by the Council for Exceptional Children.

This month’s feature discusses accessibility to online learning, sometimes referred to as e-learning, virtual learning, blended learning and cyber learning, for this overview, I will use the term online learning- for all learners.

It is observable from the high grade point averages of the class of 2014 (as high as 7.5), that students that excel at learning are taking advantage of Advance Placement course by taking additional courses online. However, students that find school not easy do not always take advantage of this opportunity to excel academically. Therefore, to aid, educators, parents and tutors in assisting these types of students, New Tampa Tutors is sharing some information we think is beneficial and should be at the forefront of providers’ minds when encouraging online learning.  Below are some areas that educators, parents and tutors need to be aware of and have knowledge of in K-12 online settings:

  • Knowing how the learning is accessible to a student that is hearing impaired, visually impaired and physically impaired is important if all students are to learn online. Before a parent, teacher or tutor recommends an online program is the vendor-based program able to address individualized instruction and how will this program adapt to individual needs.

  • If there are barriers, get suggestions that eliminate these barriers.

  • What math, reading, comprehension and writing strategies used will allow the online student to access the online curriculum.

  • Have tips and strategies for helping students select courses that will develop strengths, provider environments, and does the provider have an environment that will promote success.

  • Be knowledgeable and abreast of skills needed to navigate successfully the online environment and know where to go for needed or additional resources.

New Tampa Tutors is ready and available to assist parents with the knowledge needed in order for their online student to be successful.  Research has shown that there is no difference between face-to-face and online instruction. I was surprised to read this fact, because it has always been my understanding that students that find school difficult benefit from an individual in their midst to encourage learning.  Furthermore, research also states that students already spend a great deal of time learning from online, 75%-80% to be exact, accessing the Internet at home via both mobile devices and computers.  With so many in the elementary and secondary environment moving to online learning, let New Tampa Tutors join you in helping your student be a participant in the new online learning environment.


Ludlow, Barbara. “Special Education: Ready for Cyberspace?” Teaching Exceptional Children 46.5 (2014): 68.

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