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New Tampa Tutors offers score improving SAT preparation

SAT Exam Dates: Nov 8, 2014, Dec 6, 2014, Jan 24, 2015, Mar 14, 2015, May 2, 2015 and Jun 6, 2015

New Tampa Tutors, LLC (NTT) offers an affordable pricing plan. New Tampa Tutors, LLC (NTT) tutoring service provides score improving tutoring. NTT tutors have helped students get accepted into Duke, Liberty, New York University and other prestigious schools. Many of our past clients have met or exceeded their goals. NTT tutors are certified teachers or college graduate professionals with several years experience either teaching or tutoring SAT® preparation. NTT tutors are knowledgeable, flexible and passionate about helping students succeed. To succeed on the SAT®, one has to invest time in learning the strategies, techniques and tips. Let NTT tutors share their score improving secrets.

Inspiring tutors aid students in meeting SAT demands.

New Tampa Tutors inspire students to excel. NTT tutors, encourage, provide feedback and opportunities for practice in applying strategies, techniques and tips. New Tampa Tutors know the SAT is demanding, therefore in as few as twenty hours and some independent practice, students tutoring with NTT tutors have met or exceed their goals. Let NTT tutors help you meet or excel above the desired scored for your Universities’ program.

Techniques, Tips and Strategies are essential.

Tutoring with New Tampa Tutors, professional tutors, prepare students to meet the demands of the SAT®. Our tutors teach academic knowledge, time management, techniques, tips and strategies. As a result, many students have saw improvement with as few as 20 hour and the allocated homework assigned in between seeing the tutor.

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