Read What Satisfied Parents Are Saying About New Tampa Tutors

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your tutors, Angela and Chelin  (contracted tutors for New Tampa Tutors)for the phenomenal services that your agency has provided to our family.  When you first met and assessed my daughter Isabella a fourth grader in the spring of 2010 she was experiencing monumental circumstances.  However, after your assessment, you were able to offer a perfect match for Isabella’s personality and her sensitive emotional needs, which were, unfortunately, quite overwhelming at the time. With your assistance, shortly thereafter, Angela began tutoring my 9 years old daughter and immediately, Isabella reaped the benefits of this individualized academic tutoring, especially in Math where I was not able to assist.  Words are not enough to thank you for your agency, for your tutors, for your assessments, feedback and guidance through the years for our family.  Isabella has overcome a myriad of overwhelming problems and circumstances and I know that together, we have offered the best there is in the Tampa area when it comes to tutoring services, especially for children who have endured and have faced drastic changes and  extremely difficult situations.  Having the comfort and assistance of in-home tutoring is something that I highly recommend for any child, but especially for children who are experiencing difficulties academically, socially or with any of the challenges that life brings to children in general.” Mari F. (mother of a 6th grader)

My 3rd grade son, age 9 started with Ms. Davis in the spring of 3rd grade through January of 4th grade. She was recommended by another family as well as our principal. He met with her twice a week after school. Ms. Davis was instrumental in increasing his confidence and reading fluency skills. Ms. Davis also helped with homework such as grammar, literature, social studies and sometimes math. She also would reteach concepts he was not grasping. Ms. Davis was patient and always encouraging. He looked forward to their sessions. As a mom, I felt that we had more quality time together without my also functioning as the teacher. We all agreed that he was ready to stop tutoring and his first report card with no tutoring was all As and Bs. Ms. Davis kept us well informed as to his progress and is an excellent educator.” Regine G. (mother of a 3rd grader)

I contacted several tutors in the Tampa area over the span of a week and New Tampa Tutors was without a doubt the most helpful. Sandra came to my home and after taking an assessment of my math skills, she quickly provided an excellent math tutor for me. They are very good at assessing my needs and goals. The math tutor not only helped me during our sessions together, but also showed me how to efficiently study on my own. I absolutely recommend NTT!”–Tor B. (college student)

Sandra Davis and her team helped my son raise his SAT math score 130 points! He was accepted into his university of choice the first week of September 2012. We get to rest now and enjoy his senior year! Thank you Sandra!!”–Kim S. (parent of a 12th grader)

My son is being tutored in Algebra I and the tutor I received for my son is methodical, calm, patient, conscientious and willing to stay until my son gets it. I am very satisfied with the tutor from New Tampa Tutors (NTT).” –Mindy W. (mother of an 8th grader)

“My daughter looks forward to going to tutoring.” –Liesa R. (mother of a 1st grader)

“We have enjoyed and see the benefits of your services so much, we would like to purchase an additional twenty hours.” –Edward B. (father of a 1st grader)

As a result of my daughter receiving writing tutoring from New Tampa Tutors, she received a 6 on the FCAT writes at her school. Prior to tutoring she was receiving 3’s.” –Myra S. (mother of a 4th grader)

“My daughter gets more done with you in an hour than she gets done all week at school.”—Matthew S. (father of a 1st grader)

“As a result of the tutoring my sons received from New Tampa Tutors; my 2nd grader went from 2nd grade reading to 4th grade reading. My 1st grader went from pre-primer reading to 1st grade reading.  I was really impressed with the dedication and devotion of New Tampa Tutors. I highly encourage every parent to get tutoring for their child.”— Yvonne O. (mother of a 1st grader and 2nd grader)

“Very pleased with the results. Sydney got a “B” on her end of the year test and a “B” for the year. Arbin (one of NTT’s contracted tutors) was great! Thanks for your help.” Mrs. Laura K. (mother of a10th grader)

A satisfied parent willing to speak on behalf of one of New Tampa Tutors’ contractors (tutor): “Gautam P. is gifted as a tutor. His teaching style captivates my teenage boys’ attention and they have learned so much.”  Leigh Ann (parent of twins receiving SAT tutoring)

One rewarding element of working with students and their parents is receiving kind comments/remarks about New Tampa Tutors and their providers (contracted tutors). Get in touch with New Tampa Tutors today so we can help your student succeed!