To Assess or Not to Assess

Every child has different needs, therefore to better support your child, his or her program will be specialized and individualized to meet the underlying skill deficit. In creating your child’s program, we will consider several points.
First, we will speak with you about the needs in school and at home. What you have to say and what your child’s teacher has said is important in helping us at New Tampa Tutors, LLC understand the whole child and his or her situation.
Secondly, if you want to better develop your child’s underlying weakness (es), then he or she will be administered an initial diagnostic evaluation. This evaluation will be an achievement test that will specifically identify the underdeveloped skill(s) needed to meet grade level expectations in the classroom. Additionally, this evaluation is a norm-referenced test that compares your child’s achievement with other students of the same age from across the country. This comprehensive evaluation gives a set of test scores that are interpreted by the administrator and shared with you; then goals and objectives written to meet your child’s need(s).

 In addition to a pre-evaluation, at the completion of your child’s program New Tampa Tutors, LLC will give your child a post evaluation and reveal remediated weaknesses that better developed to meet grade level expectations in the tested deficient subject(s) area.

Furthermore, depending on your needs for your child, you may want to equip your child with learning researched based strategies to meet the demands of your child’s current educational curriculum.  If this be the case, then, he or she will not be administered a comprehensive evaluation. By working individually with your child, New Tampa Tutors, LLC are better able to identify strategies needed in order to help your child be more successful at school and at home.

Discussing with you your child’s needs; assessing and looking at the test scores received, New Tampa Tutors, LLC will be better able to identify your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses; create a program that best develops your child’s needs, thus strengthening weaknesses.